My Tama-Gos came today! Hooray!

I started them up tonight. Well, technically the night of the 14th. I started up the white one first. It's shell is really pretty. So far I'm really liking it. I think the greyscale screen is nice. It's a neat new kind of screen to look at. I love new tama things! My figures also are supposed to ship out tomorrow, so we will see how long they will take to get here! Here are the videos I took of the white Tama-Go!

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Make sure to check my log for more updates on my characters!


I ordered two Tama-Go tamagotchis on the 8th from They should be here the 13th! Everyone else seems to be getting theirs around the 15th. I think I'm getting mine sooner, because I live close to the warehouse. Yay! These are pictures of the two I ordered courtesy of When I get them in, I will be doing pictures, videos, etc. I will also be logging them in my log on Tama-Zone. I think my husband said he wanted to run the blue one since I'm hooked on the white one. We will see what he does. He's normally not a big tama person, but hopefully he will run it! More to come on these on the 13th!

Yeah, bad title at the moment, but oh well. I have my Tamagotchi log on Tama-Zone which you can view here: I like having my log on Tama-Zone, and I think it's a good place to show daily or bi-daily updates of my tamas' lives there, but I really wanted a place where I feel like I could talk about virtual pets in general, and maybe a little about me. So a better place for that I think is a separate blog.  Well, tonight at the last minute I decided to be a part of the Entama Hatch. I hadn't planned on doing it at first, because I was thinking of hatching my Uratama, but then I saw a lot of people dropped out, so I changed my mind and pulled out my CYOI. I bought this little guy off of ebay for a really good price. I think in the end I only spent $10 including shipping. Amazing for a new in package entama. This model is one of the CYOI entamas. The regular entamas came out first, then these came. I'm not sure why they decided to release two different models, but I'm glad they did, because I think the games on the old version are terrible. They are painful to win, and for very little payout. The games on the CYOI are a little more fun and pay a lot more. I'm still checking this model out and looking at the differences. I've been running my vintage models a lot lately. The only other modern ones I've been running was one generation on my Oden-kun and I am also currently logging my Keitai Akai in my personal log. So needless to say it has been a while since I have played with a tamagotchi that has the skill sets. I'm going down the style track, but sometimes I find it annoying that I need to get their skills up to a certain level. I hope it seems endearing this time around!

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