Mori No Tamagotchi Guide

Here is my unfinished Morino guide. I'm still gathering information for it.

The information I have gathered for this guide is completely based on my experiences with the Morino. That way I can ensure the information here is accurate and not theories.


  • Status
    • First screen - Hungry
    • Second screen - Happy
    • Third screen- Age,Weight
    • Fourth screen - Length (Kabutotchi only)
  • Food
    • First food - Leaf. This is the main food, and the only food for a baby.
    • Second food - During the Imotchi phase, this is the treat. During the adult stage, this is the special character-specific food.
    • Third food - During adult phase, the treat is placed here.
    • Fourth food - After 48 hours in the adult phase, the fourth food will appear.
  • Game - This is a guessing game. You must choose a hat four times to find a leaf underneath. 2 out of 4 wins. 3 or more wins fills up 2 hearts instead of 1.
  • Potty - Clean up poop!
  • Predator This icon will light up when your bug is being attacked by a foot or a frog. It will call out, the icon will light up, then hit A and tap the case or screen to scare the threat away. You will gain happy points each time you save your bug.
  • Medicine - Your bug cannot catch a cold, but it will need your medical care if you fail to save it from an attack. It will be bandaged up with a little cane. Select this icon to heal it.
  • Light - This will turn the lights on or off.
  • Attention - This is the attention icon. When your bug needs something, this will light up.
  • Thermostat - This is the feature of the Morino that people tend to have the most trouble with. The thermostat does not move instantly or quickly, and it must be monitored. Morino characters are either Warm or Cool characters. When it enters into its cocoon, you must select either the cold or hot option on the thermostat. It will remain in it's cocoon for 24 hours. It is best not to keep the thermostat in the middle, but to choose cool or warm. Thermostat temperature changes are as follows:


The thermometer tends to behave differently. I'm still pining down facts with the different temperature changes each thermometer has. So far, I have found an 8 hour, 10 hour, and a 12 hour thermometer. Their changes are different from each other. The eight hour thermometer is extremely sporadic while the 10 hour thermometer seems to be the most structured. I have not have much experience with the 12 hour, and am also not sure if it really exists. It will require more research. I believe the different thermometers are linked with weight. I also believe the thermometer might tie into the different cocoons. All of the prior will need to be extensively researched after I have worked on my character methods.

Notes about Morino

  • The Polka dot egg can only hatch Kabutotchi.
  • The Morino has a screensaver feature. This can be quite annoying after a while, because you cannot watch for poop as easily. However, you can tell if your bug is injured, because the dot between the two trees will not move.
    You cannot tell which cocoon you have until it turns into an adult.
  • Attacks happen every 4 hours.

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