Let's Walk Straight Guide


  • Beach (かわら)

    • Game (ゲーム)

    • Move (いどう)

  • School (がっこう)

    • Explore (たんけん)

    • Move (いどう)

    • Game (ゲーム)

  • Home (じたく)

    • Escape (だっそう)

    • Back (もどる)

    • Health/Vitality げんき

      • Stomach (おなか)

      • Vitality (げんき)

      • Ikuko (いくこ)

      • Hanoko (はなこ)

    • Fortune (うらない)

    • Go to bed (ねる)

    • Rice/Food (ごはん)

    • Walk (さんぽ)

  • Hanoko (はなこ)

  • Park (こうえん)


In this manga-based virtual pet by Flex, you are taking care of a dog named Mametarou, and helping him become friends with his owner, Ikuko, and girlfriend, Hanoko. The meters you need to care for are stomach, vitality (sleep), and relationships with Ikuko and Hanoko. You can have Mame hangout at home or leave the house and travel to the beach, school, Hanoko's house, or the park.

Note: Each main location such as the beach or school, will only show their sub-menu options when someone is there. So if the park is empty, Mame will tell you no one is there, and then give you the option to go somewhere else.


At the beach, you can play a game of catching butterflies. You must wait until the butterfly lands on Mame's ear to catch it by hitting the enter button. You can impress Hanoko when she comes with you, if you catch at least 5 butterflies.


You can only interact at the school if Ikuko-chan is there during the day. You can explore the campus or play a game of find the melon pan. When you explore the campus, you may come across Ikuko telling Mame that he shouldn't wander so much. You can also run into other characters, or find a melon pan somewhere to eat. If Mametarou does find a melon pan, he will eat it, and it will raise his stomach score.

You can only play the melon pan game if Hanoko is with you. It is similar to the cup, shell, or playing card game you see street performers play. A melon pan will be hidden under a box, and you must watch as the boxes are shuffled to see where the melon pan is.


When you are at home, there can be one of four icons displayed on the left-hand side of the screen.
This icon means that Ikuko-chan is at school. You can now go to the school to visit her.
This icon means that Ikuko-chan is home, and is willing to take Mametarou for a walk.
If this icon is displayed, you can feed Mametarou some rice.
If this icon is displayed, you can feed Mametarou some dog food.


Choosing this option will give you a list of the main locations. Select one to escape the house and travel around town.


Choose this option to back out of the menu and see Mametarou at home.


This option shows your status menus. You will see stomach, vitality, Ikuko, and Hanoko. Stomach shows how full you are, vitality shows how much energy you have, and the Ikuko and Hanoko hearts show how friendly you are with them.


This option has Mametarou tell your fortune. You will see a kanji appear on the screen that represents your day.

Go to bed

This will tell Mametarou to go to bed. When he begins to get tired, you will need to tell him to sleep. Otherwise, he will stay up as late as he possibly can. This will cause him to sleep most of the next day away. When you select this option. He will turn in circles for a while before he finally beds down.


Use this option to feed Mametarou when he begins to get hungry, or when the food icon appears. There is also a chance Mametarou may find food when he travels outside the house.


When Ikuko-chan is home, she may be willing to take Mame for a walk. Select this icon to travel somewhere with Ikuko.


Mametarou can use this option to walk to Hanoko's house, and invite her to go somewhere. She may not always be at home.


Selecting this option, you can go to the park. The park is for you to socialize, so there must be someone there for you to do something.


Some interactions

I will post more interactions as I get more pictures.

Hanoko comes over to Mame's house, and says that they can do anything today. Let's go! Then, they walk together to the beach.​


Hanoko and Mame decide to explore the school grounds. Ikuko spots them and says "Mame! You shouldn't wander so much."

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