TamaOtch Guide

The TamaOtch is a Tamagotchi released in 1998 based on the famous actress Tamao Nakamura. You raise a little diva, and help her become a star. This tama uses sensors much like the Ocean and Morino that respond to tapping on the case. However, unlike the Ocean and Morino, getting the TamaOtch to detect your tapping has been a sore spot for many collectors. Whatever sensors they used are not up to the same quality as the Ocean and Mori No.

This is a tama that you either love or hate. It is considered one of the most irritating Tamagotchis ever released. Some of the dislike comes from the sensor issue, but it also has to do with how long training takes to complete, how tricky the slots game is, and how difficult it is to get any character other than Tabokotchi. For those of us who do get some enjoyment out of it, the quirky characters and animations makes it a great addition to any hard-core fan's collection.


  • Status
    • Screen 1
      • Age (才)
      • Weight
    • Screen 2
      • Discipline (しつけ)
    • Screen 3
      • Hunger (おなか)
    • Screen 4
      • Happiness (ごきげん)
    • Screen 5
      • Practice (おけりこ)
  • Box
    • Meal (ごはん)
    • Snack (おかし)
    • Fan Mail (れたあ)
  • Slots
  • Training
    • Ad-lib (あどりぶ)
    • Dancing (おどり)
    • Acting (しばい)
  • Bathroom
  • Medicine
  • Light
    • On (おん)
    • Off (おふ)
  • Discipline

The status icon will show the age, weight, discipline meter, hunger meter, happiness meter, and practice meter.

The box contains the food to feed your diva as well as her collection of fan mail.

A bowl of rice is the meal. It will fill one hungry heart. A stick of dango is the snack. It will fill one happy heart. You can fill all happy hearts with snacks, but it isn't good for the diva, and it might make her sick.

Fan Mail
The fan mail option is to give a boost of determination to your TamaOtch. This feature is slightly different than discipline. If your diva is hungry but won't eat, unhappy but won't play slots, or needs practice but won't practice, then you need to have her read some fan mail. Do not discipline her. She just needs a little love from her fans to give her the boost she needs to get out of her slump!

To increase TamaO's happiness in a healthy way, you need to play the slots game. This game is incredibly tricky. You may get frustrated. The buttons correspond to the icons on the machine. Press A to stop the first slot, B to stop the second, and C to stop the third. A good tip is to only stop the first two slots. If you can match the first two slot icons, your diva will automatically stop the third slot to the matching icon. When you match all three slot icons, you win, and will fill a happy heart. Some players try to roll their finger across the first two buttons to get a matching pair. It's not easy, but don't give up!

If you get all 7's, then you will fill three happy hearts. If you get three skulls, TamaO will act happy, but you will fill no happy hearts.

The training icon is where you can have your diva practice for her nightly shows. The three options are Ad-libbing, Dancing, and Acting. Select type of performance you would like her to give, then give her a routine. Use the A and B buttons to select what moves she should do. You get three moves per routine. After you give her the moves, she will try to mimic their order. She will always get the first two moves correct. You have to watch the third move to see if she gets it correct. If she does the routine correctly, tap the case. (Remember she has a difficult time hearing this.) If she does the routine incorrectly, press the A button. If she performs at least two out of three routines correctly, then she gets three training bars on the training meter. If she fails, she gets none. If she gets all three routines wrong, she will lose a happy heart.

When your diva poops, you have to clean it up, so she won't get sick. Use the bathroom icon to clean it up.

If your diva does come down with a cold, give her some medicine to get her better. When you see the skull icon, it means that she is sick. It tastes pretty bad, she will throw a little tantrum.

When your diva falls asleep at night, you need to turn the light off for her. The light will turn on automatically in the morning.

If all of TamaO's meters are full, but she is still calling, she is being selfish. She is a diva after all! This is when you should use the discipline icon, and get her to straighten up her act! This is different from fan mail.

When TamaO wakes up in the morning, she will greet you with "good morning". If she doesn't, then tap on the case to remind her who you are. Don't let her forget her humble beginnings!

To mute your Tamao's sound, press the A and C buttons simultaneously while on the characters screen.

Set the time
To set the time, press the A and C buttons while on the clock screen.

The TamaOtch has some very unique characters. The problem that collectors have had is getting any character other than Tabokotchi. No one has really unlocked the methods to get different characters, so we are just left with the growth chart provided by Bandai with little information on how those paths are achieved.

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